Cheap Replica Sinn Goes DIN With Three New Pilot’s Watches UK

For a long time, one could slap a set of sword hands on a dial and call it a pilot’s watch. Then the TESTAF certification came along and changed all that. First introduced in 2012, the TESTAF standard was developed by Dr. Frank Janser of the Flight Laboratory of the Faculty of Aerospace Technology of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with German watch brand fake Sinn watches UK. TESTAF defined and standardized what it mean to be a pilot’s watch on a technical level, covering everything from the general functionality and legibility of a watch to its performance under extreme circumstances. Naturally, Sinn was one of the earliest adopters, releasing several TESTAF-certified models over the last three years. Stowa followed suit shortly thereafter.

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Then in mid-2013, Sinn—with participation from others in the German watchmaking and aviation industries—began to work on a pilot’s standard through DIN. For those unaware, DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is the same organization responsible for the DIN 8306 standard used to certify professional dive watches. The result of this project was the DIN 8330 pilot’s watch standard, largely built on the foundation of the TESTAF certification. The difference? Even stricter guidelines regarding a watch’s ability to withstand vibrations, day and night readability, and resistance against liquids commonly encountered in aviation (think fuel and lubricants).

Sinn, being the ultimate tool-watch brand that it is, unveiled three new DIN-certified watches: 103 Ti IFR, 103 Ti UTC IFR, and 857 UTC VFR. (Stowa released its own DIN-certified pilot’s watch at Basel 2016.)


103 Ti IFR and 103 Ti UTC IFR

As the name suggests, the 103 Ti IFR builds on the existing 103 family of pilot chronographs. The replica Sinn watches 41mm bead-blasted titanium case features Sinn’s proprietary AR-dehumidifying system, a captive bezel, pressure resistance up to 20 bar, and a domed sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-reflective coating.


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Aesthetically, the Ti IFR gives the traditional line a modern face lift, not unlike what we saw with Sinn’s execution of the TESTAF-certified 103. Gone are the syringe hands, replaced with bold swords. Subtle orange accents highlight the chronograph function. The dial eschews the traditional 7750 layout, replacing the 12-hour counter at six with a tonal DIN 8330 stamp. I foresee this being a somewhat divisive detail, but it’s largely unobtrusive to my eye. Overall, the Ti IFR boasts an incredibly clean design—something Sinn is very good at executing—and it stays true to the tool-watch ideal.

The Ti UTC IFR adds a UTC function via a centrally-mounted grey sword hand. I love the stealthy application here, which keeps the complication fully functional without overtly cluttering the dial.Stainless steel case sinn fake watches UK.

The 857 UTC VFR is the standalone non-chrono of the troika. At 43mm, the stainless steel case is bead-blasted and tegimented (the surface is hardened to an impressive 1200 vickers). There’s a a 60-minute rotating pilot bezel, and the case features much of the aforementioned technical specs (dehumidfying technology, 20 bar pressure-resistance). Having handled earlier iterations of the 857, I can tell you that the on-paper dimension are not indicative of how the watch wears on the wrist. The overall proportions and the dial-to-bezel ratio make for a very comfortable watch.


At its core, the dial pulls from Sinn’s instrumentation heritage, and it’s an aesthetic that appears on several lines across Sinn’s catalogue. It’s arguably one of the most legible dial designs in existence, and the 857 UTC VFR—with all of its seeming embellishments—is no different. The dial features a UTC function via a centrally mounted hand and a 24-hour scale, both accented in a vibrant orange. Because the UTC complication is color coded, it doesn’t interfere with the general timekeeping function which remains stark and legible. Overall, it’s a stunning look, and one that should find mass appeal.

Sinn’s new DIN-certified timekeepers will be available fall 2016.

sinn U1

Replica Sinn Releases A New Limited Edition To 500 Pieces Camouflage Edition Of Popular U1 Collection UK

Sinn releases a new limited edition to 500 pieces camouflage edition of the popular U1 collection. The popular German submarine theme watch brand is well known for its military associations. In particular, the brand was made famous by the use of submarine steel and its tough watch demeanour. The nomenclature also alludes to German submarines, the U-boat. Other collectible variants in the U1 collection also includes the limited edition U1-D sand dune, with a black case and replica Sinn watches sand coloured lume markers.

sinn U1

The Fake Sinn U1 Camouflage is cased in stainless steel and sized at 44 mm. The rugged looking watch is in every way a tough tool watch, with a sand blast finished case made from the same material as German submarines. Water resistant to 1000 m, the dive watch is also fit with the usual dive watch features, a minute bezel and an accessible crown. Accessible in that it is suitably sized and well grooved for better grip and turns.

-sinn U1

The fake Sinn watches is sized at 44 mm and cased in stainless steel.

The Sinn U1 Camouflage is powered by a Sellita SW200 movement, similar to eta based movements in terms of performance, the movement offers approximately 40 hours power reserve and a date function, with indicator at 3. As far as the watch goes, it is essentially the same U1 that made the market years ago, with a cosmetic upgrade. However, while Copy Sinn watches UK has always been renowned as a brand that prides itself in functionality and practicality, this U1 Camouflage negates this earlier brand image. Tool watches, especially the pilot and diver variants should have higher standards of legibility on the dial. While we understand that this variant tries to be more stealthy, we find that the trade off in legibility on the dial is a big detriment.

-sinn U1-

The camouflage dial is fit with black Super-Luminova. While the lume still glows in the dark, it is less bright as compared to the usual white or green lume.

The black Super-Luminova adds a nice touch to the watch in terms of aesthetics, but is nonetheless a lesser than ideal choice for a dive watch. While the lume still glows in the dark, it is less bright as compared to the usual white or green lume. When taken down for a dive, where light is scarce and visibility of the dial is a huge plus, the watch would undoubtedly fare poorly. Nonetheless, our qualms with the legibility of the dial is purely in the spirit of upholding some traditional elements of tool watches. For those, or the many who would only do desk diving, then the legibility of the dial is no issue at all.

sinn U1——

Priced at US$2160, the limited edition U1 Camouflage is available in green rubber strap with a deployant clasp. The fake full Sinn watches set also comes with a khaki zulu strap, for an interesting change in colour that still matches the camouflage patterns. As usual, the watch is well executed and built to last. It is tough and a suitable candidate as a beater timepiece. That said, some say that it is one variant too many, and perhaps not a very significant one in the library. In our opinion, the U1-D for the Hourglass is the better of the two.

Kering Acquires Replica Ulysse Nardin Watches For Sale UK

In a strange coincidence, luxury conglomerate Kering has just announced it has acquired Cheap Fake Ulysse Nardin Watches. It’s a coincidence because, well, we just covered their new Freak this morning. UN will join Kering’s existing luxury watches and jewelry division, which includes Girard-Perregaux, Jean Richard, Boucheron, and others.

__Ulysse Nardin-

François-Henri Pinault, Kering’s Chairman and CEO, stated: “ Cheap Replica Ulysse Nardin  Watches benefits from a rich heritage, high profitability and solid growth prospects. Independent high-end watchmaking manufactures are rare. This is an opportunity that we had to seize, particularly because this structural acquisition will enable us to take advantage of numerous synergies with our existing brands. We have great ambitions for this company and we will help it continue its international expansion whilst staying faithful to its roots and its identity. In this regard, I am pleased that Mrs Schnyder accepted to remain a member of its board of directors. I have long admired Best Fake Ulysse Nardin Watches UK and I am delighted that this brand is joining our ‘Luxury – Watches and Jewellery’ division.